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Insaciable 1976.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byArmando Bó
Produced byArmando Bó
Written byArmando Bó
StarringIsabel Sarli
Jorge Barreiro
Santiago Gómez Cou
Armando Bo
Music byElijio Ayala Morín
CinematographyAmérico Hoss
Edited byVíctor Villarreal
Release date
Running time
86 min.

Insaciable (also known as The Insatiable Widow) is a 1976 Argentine erotic drama film written and directed by Armando Bo.[1] It stars Isabel Sarli as a "worried nymphomaniac in search of satisfaction or cure".[2] The film was highly controversial in Argentina due to its nudity and sexual content and lesbianism.[3] This was played upon with a film poster documenting extracts from the Argentine press condemning the film and documenting those calling for it to be banned or censored.



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